Wealth and Want
... because democracy alone is not enough to produce widely shared prosperity.
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Wendell Fitzgerald
President, Henry George School of San Francisco

8-film series on YouTube,
including interviews by Peter Melton

This page provides links to many of the wealthandwant themes which are mentioned in the 8-part YouTube series done by Wendell Fitzgerald on Henry George's ideas.

Part 1: Progress & Poverty — view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=LAtWR5lbgGM&mode=related&search=

about Henry GeorgeProgress & Povertypoverty's causestechnological progresssocial progressabolishing poverty wealth distributionDavid RicardoJohn Stuart Milllandlaborcapitalnatural resourceswagesinterestrenteconomic rent and building rentimportance of landthree hatsall benefits go to the landholderfree lunchwindfalllandlordlandlordismabsentee ownershipland different from capital land share of real estate valueunearned incrementeconomistsquotable Nobelscommunityrent is for the communitypopulation growthpopulation densitycheap landland value

Part 2: Progress and Poverty (continued) — view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=16TFd7Xsbg4&mode=related&search=

population growth land value public expenditure division of laborcapitalizationsmall governmentlocal government proximity all benefits ... location, location, locationhousing affordabilityboom-bust cyclesland share of real estate valueurban land share of real estate valuescarcityconstruction costsspeculationspeculatorCalifornia's Proposition 13privatizationgoing aheadunderused land wealth from land appreciation rent is for the communitypaying the wrong partyFIRE sectornatural resources waterland includesland excludes free lunchwindfallland concentration homeownership land value taxation as primary revenue sourceassessmentwhat rate?what percentage?ground rentuntaxing buildingswhat's wrong with a sales tax?

Part 3: Progress and Poverty (continued) — view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=-hWv0LzlXcA&mode=related&search=

poverty's causestechnological progressthree factorslandlowering the price of landrent is for the communityannual valueassessmenthighest and best usewhat percentage?untaxinguntaxing wagesland value taxation as primary revenue sourcequotable Nobelsquotable notablesjusticetax justiceabolishing poverty • sprawlenvironmentecosystemspeculationunderused landhighest and best use of landhole in the groundfree lunchwindfallwealth from land appreciationprivatizationprivilegeentrepreneursunearned incrementtake what you needpay for what you takecreated equalnatural opportunitiesequal opportunityenclosureslaverysharecropping rack rentland concentrationwealth concentrationFIRE sectornatural resourcesroyaltiesrent is for communityAlaska Permanent Fundcitizen's dividend

Part 4: Progress and Poverty: "Housing Bubble" is Really a Land Bubbleview it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=gyw3ty2qoto&mode=related&search=

homeownershipprosperitylandimmigrationI was here first!usufructthe Savannahnew countrycommunityfrontierentrepreneurland appreciates while buildings depreciateboom-bust cycleland share of real estate valuespeculationwealth from land appreciationFIRE sectorintergenerational equityhousing affordabilitypricescost of livingprolonged adolescenceurban land values relative to ruralcommunity

Part 5: Exclusive Use of Land: the Law of the Conqueror — view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=fmSD2OyKR2E&mode=related&search=

landboom-bust cyclebubblehousing affordabilityland different from capitalcommonsownershippossessionusufructhunter-gatherertitleenclosurehe who producessharecroppingrentimportance of landeconomic rent and building rentfactors of productionlandlaborcapitalprivatizationlandlordlandlordismabsentee ownershipprivilegeproperty rightswealth concentrationland concentrationlanded gentryfounding fathers and first familiesI was here first!population growthland value mappinghigh-rent areascheap landcapitalizationpopulation densitypublic expenditureporkurban land values relative to ruraldivision of laborall benefits...in one's sleeppaying the wrong partyprivatizationunearned incrementwealth from land appreciation

Part 6: Value of Land is Created by the Community — view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=9Hr_MiYDCLY&mode=related&search=

community financing infrastructurefinancing educationrentrent is for communityeconomic rent vs building rentprivatizationlandlordismall benefits ...proximityland valueeconomistsquotable Nobelsassessmenttax justiceuntaxing untaxing buildingsuntaxing wagesdirect taxesindirect taxesfactors of productionland different from capitalperverse incentivesincentivesincentive taxationtake what you needpay for what you  taketransitionburdenlessHarrisburgsprawlspeculationcommutingenvironmentprivatizationcommonsusufructhousing affordabilitylowering the price of landwaroilIraq

Land Value and Free Lunch, Part 1 view it at http://youtube.com/watch?v=qtgwYjl2-_I&mode=related&search=

land valuesprawlenvironmentland includesland excludesincentivesperverse incentivescommutinginfrastructuretransportationautomobileincentive taxationthe remedyprivatizationprivate property in landland value taxation as fiscal measureland value taxation as social reformwindfallfree luncheswealth from land appreciationwealth concentrationland's importancehousing affordabilitytimberland different from capitalpay for what you takerent as provisioning for communitynatural opportunitiesnatural resourcesrefining capitalismtradeland monopolyland monopoly capitalismthe land questionall benefits go to the landholderprivatizationin one's sleepownershippossessionusufructequal opportunity

Land Value and Free Lunch, Part 2view it at http:/s/youtube.com/watch?v=OksuziR0nzo&mode=related&search=

ownershipwealth concentrationland concentrationland different from capitalland appreciates, buildings depreciatethree-factor economicslandcapitalpovertypoverty's causesabolishing povertywarping economicsland as common propertyrent for communityintelligent designhe who producesenvironmentprofitability of landsprawlunderused landincentivesincentive taxationuntaxing buildingsuntaxing laborspeculationspeculators

If you're looking for an inexpensive hardcopy way to share the YouTube films with others, you might print out these two pages, back to back, on cardstock, and cut them into 5 bookmarks per page.


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Wealth and Want
... because democracy alone hasn't yet led to a society in which all can prosper